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Thread: Just got home from Strange Days!!!

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    Just got home from Strange Days!!!

    Holy shit man you guys are gonna be impressed with this tour. i got there when Cognito was half way through his set. from what i seen he killed it. Prozak went next, and since we are in Iowa Sid Wilson from Slipknot came out and did turntables for him. I'm not a prozak fan but it was a damn good set. KUTT CALHOUN had a solo set after that, and it was fucking fire! He did some Raw and Un-Kutt shit. Big Krizz did a solo show next with Iva da Pheonom as his hype man that was awsome he killed it. Tech came out and did some solo shit (kicked it off with stress relief) Kutt and Krizz came back out and they did there normal set. Then they kicked it to Lynch, and i left after a few songs of his, but I'm pretty sure Tech and them was bout to come out and do more shit though. My ride had to be at work in 5 hrs otherwise id of stayed. But the show was fucking sick. If u dont have tickets get em. Cog came out and signed shit< so did Kutt, and prozak was walking around the crowd. It was by far the best Tech show ive been to, and ive been to 6. You guys will like it.

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    the set was written up on the street team site. sounds pretty sick for sure.

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    O shit mybad i don't get on there.

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