this here is actually a verse i created about a few lost family members and family friends, it goes along with the song ONE GOOD TIME by tech n9ne listen to it it will definitly help you feel my verse, and to you newcomers give me any feedback negative or positive i wanna hear it im trying to better myself and eventually record and get my name out there.
sittin here by myself, lookin upon a shelf
of photos before my wealth, even in my good health
though all the pain thats been dealt and all the shame thats been fealt,
ive never had a good cry, not even when family died,
no teardrops come from my eye so i look into the sky and i ask why,
one good time even in the middle of this rhyme,
maybe it could be the last sign,
of me being right in my mind,
but with no fears
makes it harder to bring tears with death near,
so close to my heart family bind right from the start
torn apart from love to lookin down from above,
even the kisses and hugs
i keep in my heart the love and the lost,
through all the bad thats been done man just look what it cost,
i keep them so close meaningful in the deadliest dose,
but life is a race and man they couldnt keep with the pace,
in case will you be here to wipe these tears from my face,
when i cry.

Grym Reaper is the name Rappings my Game and if you could rap youd do the same
ill catch you Grym Followers again i hope and ill be replying to everyyyonnnee