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Thread: Portland Oregon Show

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    Portland Oregon Show

    So me and my boyz are makin a 3 hour trip up to the tech show may 24th in portland oregon at the roseland. were probably gonna stay up there so anyone know any cheap motels around that area?

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    Up in Vancouver over the bridge there's a hotel thats like 31.99. You'll probably get herpegonasyphillaids from the doorknob tho.

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    Are you talkin about downtown Hotels? If so then your not gonna find one for very cheap but I would say its worth it cause after the show you can walk around n shit, Pretty fun at night!!!

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    fuck yeah!! im making a couple hour trip to the portland show too!!!

    me and some buddies are gunna look for a hotel as well, or just go to a strip club til like 3 am then just figure it out from there lol. let me know if you find a cheap place, were just gunna wing it. but if you wanna meet up and chill in p-town let me know and ill PM you my # home boy!

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    I'll be out in front of the venue all day starting at like 10am so if you guys get there early come say whattup

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    Hells yeah, imma be there. Can't wait for the show, N9ne days after my birthday.

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    Goin to the show too with a group of friends i work in the motel and get a discount. I can get a Marriott hotel room for 30-35 pending on which hotel except mine. Hit me up and we can work out a deal

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