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Thread: Tech's concerts today, compared to 7 years ago

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    Tech's concerts today, compared to 7 years ago

    I started listening to Tech in September of 2002. I was at a friends house and we just got done smoking, and my friend put on the Absolute Power DVD. The first song that I ever heard by Tech was the live performance of "This Ring". I was absolutely blown away after listening to the first verse.

    In June of 2003, I went to my first Tech concert in Sacramento. The stage was really small and there was about 100 people in attendance. Tech didn't have a stage set up like he does now. All he had was a big banner with the cross, and 6688846993 on it.

    Tech poured out his heart and soul at that concert, even though a lot of the people were sitting down in their seats. He gave everything he could to the crowd, and it was a very small show.

    I have been to 6 shows since then, and Tech has always given everything he has on stage. This is why I have so much respect for him.

    I'm sure some of you have similiar stories, dating back further than 2003. Please share your stories about seeing Tech live back when he used to just use a shitty plastic chair to perform "This Ring".

    Tech N9ne is the most talented, unique and original rapper in the world. Much love to Tech and all of the Technicians out there!

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    haha yeah first concert i went to was about 20 to 30 ppl strong and i was with about 10 of em, never have i seen another hiphop performance that dope,not even busta rhymes and ive seen his a couple of times,tech's older shows were doper i think cause he did more full songs but i still act like im going for the first time every time i go,my wife never heard of tech b4 i got with her ,ive taken her to a couple of ti concerts and a few others,only one shes always asking me about is a tech concert.shes ready to go back in june yeeeaaaa!!!

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    Tech didnt have any headlining gig here until March 04, after Wicked Wonka. That show had some no name openers, including King Gordy (which was a plus cuz I knew who he was already). Pretty low amount, a few hundred.

    But yea, the performances back then were real organic, based strictly off energy. And most of the time he performed songs in their entiretly. Now, his live game is tighter, there's more theatrics, tho you rarely get full songs now. It's good tho, I just hope he shakes things up on the new tour song wise. he's been using that one Everready medley in his show since late 06.

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    I would believe Strange Days will be his best performance. Hostile Takeover tour was the shit but I think Tech is always puttin on great performances on every tour.

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