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Thread: Dude WTF!!!!

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    Dude WTF!!!!

    I'll fucking kill this fuckin faggot!

    Why is this constant littering of the board being not only allowed but left out?

    If a stray dog wanders in and takes a shit in my house I don't just let it sit there. I clean it up and kick the fucking mutt as hard as I fucking can until he runs for his fucking life.

    Who is to be responsible here?

    Clean this fucking shit up!

    People who litter boards with they're bullshit deserve to be struck in the face with one of those heavy ass glass ashtrays til it splits their fucking wig open.

    You see how I keep carrying on?

    Hey! why the fuck not?

    This fuckin fag can trash the board for days so lets all just kinda take a fat shit and not give a one else does.

    I'm should to be waking up and going to work. but i'm sick of working 60hour weeks.

    I like the color blue.

    Cheap tattoos are not good and good tattoos fucking rape your wallet.

    Brownies are delicious.

    I hate people who bang on pot.

    I use to laugh when I seen my friends get spanked as a lil kid.

    Brotha Lynch is underrated and has had to many things stolen from him.

    I knocked a bitch from Europe while I stayed at the Hilton...she was still just a hood rat.

    Can I get a Hot tub??!

    Riverside Crips check your power poles to make sure you are safe in CA.

    Tech N9ne should bring back Young Droop.

    I blew 100k and have nothing to show for it.

    i'll probably get banned for protesting that the admin is not doing his job instead of the admin doing what he should and realizing that this is just a joke but should be takin seriously....because fuck this guy.

    That is all.

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    Football announcers and commentators should not be allowed to wear eye make up.

    kids should have a hand laid on them when they get out of line.

    If women use being a women as an excuse to get away with shit that would get their ass beat than they should still get their ass beat.

    Cheating than being able to divorce someone who took care of you forever should not be allowed.

    People who use their place at a workplace as an excuse to talk down to others should have a bottle cracked over their fuckin head.

    Why save the women and children first?? Who the fuck is gunna do all the work?

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    You sir are fucking dope

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    Being an old head the fact that Juggaloes are associated with Tech N9ne and Brotha Lynch wierds me out.

    There's an actual drug called Krocadil and it literally melts skin from bone. Why are people doing this?

    Rittz killed the cypher and people act like they don't know.

    I like cinnamon toast crunch.

    My girlfriend boobs are huge and she is not a fatty.

    Pot is better and cheaper in WA than it is in Cali unless you like outdoor.

    Graffiti is not only allowed but embraced by the community in LA because it's beautiful not all hateful bullshit.

    I guess that fuckin guy has posted some more bullshit by now so back to more insults.

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    I'm laughing hard at your insults You made my day

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    lol well thx man

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