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Thread: Please Help!!

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    Please Help!!

    i just saw the cd list for the strange days tour and i heard you can only get it if you go to the tour and since im down in florida im outta luck so when anyone gets this cd can you please throw it up on youtube and spread the love i wanna hear techs new songs

    Sinister Tech

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    I'll get it but not till June 11th though, but I'm pretty sure someone will post it much sooner.

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    i wont have the cd for another 11 days

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    well i cant get it period so can u please upload it thanks a ton bro

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    Im sure you'll be able to download it without any problem as its in another language. I, myself am not russian but i found this site on google and this is where i downloaded it so its legit.

    If experiancing any problems then just let me know.

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