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Thread: Super Dew = Hella Hyper

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    Super Dew = Hella Hyper

    My friends and I drank hella super dew tonight. Mountain Dew Code Red + Svedka vodka = no chance at falling asleep. It's almost 5 am and im still hyper as shit. That is all.

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    First off you need A stronger vodka, and seconedly you should try1 part ruby red squirt + 1 part Amp ( red ) + 2 parts smirnoff 100 proof or any other 100 proof vodka, Will have you walkin on your lips by the end of the night. If I didnt work 14 hours today Thats what id be drinkin right now. The best thing about vodka is that you dont get much of a hang over from it, Thats the only reason I really care for it...

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    you need some everclear

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    Ya I fuck with it sometimes... Usually mt dew n the costco kirkland vodka... Or mt dew n the white grape smirnoff.. That shit is bomb to.

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    I always get a hangover off of Vodka. Its the only thing i've ever had a hang over from. I'm irish though. Dark liquor is my shit. KC Tea is the shit where i'm from.

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    using mountain dew is straight. Usually I just go for Monster as a mixer though, haha.

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    That shit is good as fuck.

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    definitely dont remember making this thread. lol

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