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Thread: Setlist for Strange Days

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    Setlist for Strange Days

    What would your ultimate setlist be for the upcoming Strange Days Tour? Keep in mind how many people are performing.

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    Tech-Older shit and new songs from OG.
    Kaliko-A lot of Genius and new songs from Shock Treatment
    Kutt-A couple songs from BLEVE, Feature Presentation some songs, and a lot of Raw N UnKutt
    Big Scoob-Some from Monsterifik and new ones from Damn Fool.
    Lynch-Songs from DAAM and older songs I hope.
    Cognito-The whole damn album I wish because that album is way too bad ass.
    Prozak-Songs from Tales from the Sick, some PDM, and hopefully new songs.

    I would go into detail on which songs but that would take a minute.

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    I wanna hear full versions of stranger, violated, born 2 be fly, big scoob, don't worry momma, run away, pill poppin music.

    As far as solo songs, Strange hasn't dissapointed me yet, so I trust we'll probably have the sickest sets we've ever heard especially from Tech since it's the 10 years of excellence celebration.

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