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Thread: Stevie Stone in the hospital

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    Stevie Stone in the hospital

    Ruthless Records' Stevie Stone was admitted into the hospital in Columbia, MO this week with a severe throat infection that has caused the rapper to be forced to cancel several upcoming tour dates. After being out on tour in the Midwest, both headlining his own shows and opening for Tech N9ne, Stevie fell very ill. Stevie was touring in support of his current album release, "New Kid Comin'" on Ruthless Records.

    His new video for "Midwest Explosion" featuring Tech N9ne is out now and receiving exciting attention. We hope to see Stevie Stone fully recovered very soon! Thus far, the following tour dates will be postponed until later this year as Stevie Stone will have surgery in May.
    May 7, 2010 The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, CO

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    heard this a few days ago. sad news for sure. hopefully he gets well soon

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    When I talked to him a couple of days ago he said he was aleady fine and that hes working on a new album.

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    he gonna be like joe budden was when he first came out. where he gotta ease back on his voice sound. i think the same thing happen to him too. i hope he be ok tho stay up fam!

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    Hope he will be good soon.

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    That sucks. Stevie is one of the coolest dudes i've ever met and hope he gets well soon. I'm waiting for the next album already so i hope he gets better and can get back to work.

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    get better stevie, HIMMIE HYMMMMMEEEE!!!!!

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    He is out but he still won't be at the show. He is recovering

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