HopsinHey man.. i know we talked a bit before this, but i do thank you for doing this interview exclusively for JuggaloNews, it wont be shown anywhere else.. its no problem at all, thank you manAint no biggie.. i enjoy interviewing people i dont know alot about.. gives me a chance to learn.. so your from LA.. which is close to me.. do you ever play in Orange County?naah i never performed there beforeThere are alot of venues down here.. ever thought about it? or are you strictly LA and Hollywood area?yeah ive thought about it, im sure i would get alot of love out there. Yeah, im strictly La and Hollywood, for nowthats cool, if you ever need some insight on some OC venues, let me know.. How would you describe your of rap?i would discribe it as "this is what happens when i dont fit it" music. so obscure.... how do you feel about Mainstream VS Underground? within the Industrywell im all for main stream, and im all for underground too. My personal opinion on both is they dont have a right to diss eachother because both of them lack what the other doesent. Commercial world has dope beats, the artist make themselves look like a million bucks BUT they have no rap skills. The underground has SUPER dope lyrics, beats arent that good and most dont have an image or look like they are marketablethat was a killer answer, BUT, i do think some underground has marketing capabilities.. like SubNoize or Strange.. and especially Psy.. do you have any merch or other marketing ventures?naah i have no marketing ventures...... I just have alot of ADventures trying to get a marketing venture lolwhat about Ruthless? how long you been on the label and what do you feel your getting from them?I have been signed to ruthless for almost 3 years now....That alone lets you know the benifits :/Ok, ill take that, ive known about them for years being on the west coast, tell me about your collab you did with Tonezthe collab i did with him is dope...I dont really do the whole speed rap thing that much but i think i did my thing on the song. I had alot of fun and appreciate him allowing me to be on his projectWhat are your biggest influences?my biggest influences are lazy people, animals, government, Michael jackson, god, me having no money, avatar, eminem and loveIf you were to collab on a song in the near future who would it be with? Top 3eminem, kanye west and missy elliottDo you have any new releases coming out or tours your going on?>i have a new mixtape coming out this summer called "haywire 2". Its featuring my artist swizzz. But as far as tours, i have none coming upWhat hobbies or other interests do you have?I been skateboarding for 11 years and I LOVE EVERY MOMENT OF IT. I draw, run my own record company, direct music videos, produce beats, cut hair, edit videos and pictures and im a photographer on the side. Oh yeah and i do a lil acting here and there. haha. Im a very productive personthats awesome, i do art as well.. and my dad was professional photographer back in the 70s and 80's.. what motivates you the most to do what you do today?my lack of money and my freaking age! GRRRRRRare you familiar with Old Skool rap like DMC or 2Live or NWA?I know of them but i wouldnt be able to tell you any albums they dropped or any specific details, but i do know who they are.... they arent my timeOk man, this your chance to give out Shout Outs and Thank Yous.. let is ripShout out to Swizzz, Damien, Ruthless Records, My girlfriend Samantha, Bubbles the pug and shout out to all the whack rappers who cant fuck wit me, haha. Im allowed to be cocky just a lil right? lol.... But thank you for taking the time out of your world to interview me man, i appreciate it alotJedi and Hopsin.. we out..