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Thread: My Brothers Raps Check Them Out

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    My Brothers Raps Check Them Out

    hey all i know this aiint no tech n9ne or anything close to what you all you be doin but we be be fuckin around and just wonderin what other people think of this shit you can all hate if you want i dont care i love haters makes me work harder so let me know plz if you like it add me there will be more songs posted soon i only have two at the moment but check them out plz and thanks here is the link

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    why does the thread title say "my brother", but in what you wrote you are referring to yourself...

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    he is the rapper i am the beat maker and i meant to say it just makes us wanna work harder sorry bro for the confusion and he aint big on doin all shit so that is why i said let me know so i can tell him what you all think

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