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Thread: Killa C - Bound in Chains

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    Killa C - Bound in Chains

    Ok, so this is actually a really good album, get "6 Ways from Sunday" "Garden Snakes" "Da Dude" "On the Grind" and "Nightmares" if you want to know. But the question I had, and it's because I'm lazy and people on here are fucking geniuses that I'm asking, but you'll notice below "Bound in Chains" it says "Thy Book ov Time" and in the bottom right corner it says "Book 2"

    My question now is, if this is "Book 2" where's "Book 1"?

    Anyone have any info/ideas?

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    Tainted Flesh, Thy Book Ov Death Features Tech, Krizz and project deadman kinda decent album i guess a few songs anyway

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    I've got "Tainted Flesh" (I think it's better than "Murdaeyez" and "Old Skewl Killa") I just didn't know that it was "Book 1"
    Thanks for the info homie.

    Quote Originally Posted by cody
    Tainted Flesh, Thy Book Ov Death Features Tech, Krizz and project deadman kinda decent album i guess a few songs anyway

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    idk anything bout Book @ but 6 Ways From Sunday was a DOPE song(minus Killa C and Bizarre), I loved how the beat switched up to each rapper's own ....and it features Haystack and Bizarre?? What this prior to the beef between em??

    But i have to ask, how is Killa C's album "really good"? I mean it had one or two decent songs, the beats were dope but killa c's raps were sumthin to lol at. His flows are always the same and boring and his lyrics are so simple...i was writing this type of shit when i was 13...just another guy tryin to bank off a juggalo fanbase...but w/e ur taste is ur taste

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    im not a big killa c fan but even i bought this album when it first came out and i happen to love it....its not for everyone but its def. his best album

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    This is probably my favorite album by Killa C, but the LA albums I like a lot more but this album is worth buying.

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    LTB - I think it's "really good" just because he's got, in my mind, a different on this album. He's not just making songs about dirty crack whores and killing people an shit, you know? He's actually progressed as an artists compared to his other albums. Of coarse he's cashing in off the Juggalo fan base, and he's smart to do so, as it opens the door for him to get promoted and shit. As for the Haystack/Bizarre shit, I'm pretty sure this came out before they started beefing.

    Shiven - Hells yeah, LA's "Apocalypse" was fucking wicked. I'm so happy iTunes had it in the Library, as it's VERY hard for me to get non-mainstream music up here (Small Town, Canada) but we've got a CD Plus that specializes in the lesser known (to the mainstream) artists.

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