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Thread: WHEN are we gonna get a song from BP? lol

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    WHEN are we gonna get a song from BP? lol

    Idk it jus seems weird that its already halfway thru the month and it drops on the 30th and we havent even had one sinlge! BUT dont get me wrong, i actually kinda dig not knowin what im gettin yet, if you think about it, either way you have to wait for the cd, might as well know as little songs as possible so you get that great feeling when you hear great music all the way thru the cd!

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    I wouldnt assume it's gonna be great music just yet but it does look promising.

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    Yeah for sure, one can ony hope haha. I just thought of sumthin too, im sure someones already said it but do you think maybe

    U R A L Y A = You are a liar?

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    I think he said on twitter that URALYA doesn't stand for anything, but I could be wrong.

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    He shot the video for URALYA yesterday.

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    When I talked to Smackola about the EP, he pronounced URALYA "yur-a-lie-a" which I took to mean "you're a liar."

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    I like that he's not releasing so many songs before it drops like he did with EBAH.

    He should just release the URALYA video and thats it.

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    i dont think he should release any songs at all.

    maybe like a trailer with a snippet in the trailer.

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    Its about time tech doesn't release any songs....I was getting tired of him basically releasing half the cd or EP and then when u buy it u only have 4-5 songs that are new. I hope this EP is going to be epic because not much has been going on in his life besides his partying and making I hope Tech gets back to the basics. He's a TRUE artist but he writes better when he goes thru things.....I know the new fans are probably gonna have a bitch fit from me saying that but the fans that been there since the beginning know what im talking about. His music paints pictures and helps you cope with different things in your life not just partying and having sex

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    It's def you're a liar lol it probably stands for something too but yeah

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