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    how could any1 say that tech is ass and lacks creativity??? thats wat my cousin said, im like wtf, u gotta open ur ears and listen to his lyrics alil more, that shit pisses me off that any1 would belittle his music

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    well...FUCK ur cousin

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    i kno, hes a hater

    Quote Originally Posted by ALEXXX
    well...FUCK ur cousin

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    Wow, talk about being ignorant. People I have talked to say "I've never heard of Tech N9ne" but then say "yeah, he sucks".

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    lemme guess.. he likes lil wayne

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    he likes R&B! lmaoooooo

    Quote Originally Posted by Z1mM3r
    lemme guess.. he likes lil wayne

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    everyone is entitled to their own opinion but come up with a better excuse than lacks creativity! Tech is fucking amazing and creative as hell!

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    Tech is ass and lacks creativity. Thats how you say it.

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    no she really wants too fuck ur cousin bro

    Quote Originally Posted by Zackare Xane DiMaria
    i kno, hes a hater

    Quote Originally Posted by ALEXXX
    well...FUCK ur cousin

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    He obviously hasn't listened to tech's music cause thats the basis for his fan base is his creativity. I've never heard anyone make a song that has you thinking something completely different the whole song and turn it into a meaning song at the end other than tech. He is by far the most creative rapper alive.

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