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Thread: Ambigious Tech Song

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    Ambigious Tech Song

    Alright i needa do a project for school about an ambigious song and how the lyrics have a deeper meaning and tell of another story.Anyone know the best song possible for this project?Please help me out

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    "Turn" or "Worst Enemy"

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    red nose

    that deff tells a story

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    Do worst enemy off absolute power. Sounds like he is talking about a bitch but he is really talking about his dick

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    Worst Enemy. Or if your looking for a deep meaning too then id go with cursed. Cursed was a awesome song and its all about the rap game.

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    hell no the best example of that is CURSED on anghellic. its porobably not suitable for a school project but its the best example. talkin about him tryin to get in the game but makes it sound like he tryin to get on wit a bitch.. check it out!!

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    Real Killer has deeper meaning, but not sure if thats school appropriate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cole
    Real Killer has deeper meaning, but not sure if thats school appropriate
    This. Real Killer is a dope song but many people pass on it because of what he raps about.

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