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Thread: Which artists do you like hearing on the same track as Tech?

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    Which artists do you like hearing on the same track as Tech?

    Kaliko is the obvious choice because him and Tech make masterpieces, but besides Kaliko who do you like hearing on the same track as Tech???

    For me it's Brotha Lynch, Stevie Stone, and Twista. I wouldn't say I LOVE any of those artists by themselves but I think they are incredible when on songs with Tech.

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    Yeah Lynch and Twista. And I love both those artists on their own merit. I'll admit Tech is the best in the game at this point IMO but both of these artists have catalogues of equal measure and seem to be forgotten about or undiscovered to the newer generations.

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    a lot of Krizz + Tech songs I don't even prefer. For example, I think Krizz ruins the songs, Unfair and It's Over

    IMO Love Me Tomorrow is one of the BEST Tech + Krizz songs, along with Welcome to the Midwest, and some others.

    Tech + other artists:

    Brotha Lynch Hung

    (ICU, Takin' Online Orders, Welcome To My World, Sad Circus, Zombie). Made my own playlist of just Lynch + Tech songs and I've compiled about 13 songs total, it's kinda like my Tech + Lynch CD/Mixtape


    I don't really enjoy the hook on Ugly Duckling, but we'll see how Aqualeo mesh's with Tech on BOILING POINT

    Ces Cru

    There's never been a Tech + Ces Cru song

    Hopefully someday there could be a Tech, Lynch, Ces Cru song WITHOUT Krizz.


    I've enjoyed their tracks they've done thus far. Badlands, The Noose, and Retrogression




    I'd rather see Tech do another song with BOB (if BOB was on some beast mode type shit) instead of Rick Ross or Niki Manaj

    Bizzy (AKA Pedro Bizz Juanjulio)

    LOUD and SEX TO THE BEAT are bangers!

    Busta Rhymes

    Busta seems like he brings out some crazy shit in Tech


    We hope...

    System of a Down / Serj

    We hope

    The Doors

    We'll find out in March 2013

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    Krizz, Lynch,Prozak hahahaha that would be SIC

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    Mayday, Krizz, Kutt Calhoun (lately)

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    Aaron Yates and z-ro

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    ces cru, kendrick lamar, brotha lynch, krizz kaliko, yelawolf, 3 6 mafia. not all in the same song though lol.

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