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Thread: Lyrics question?

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    Lyrics question?

    What the fuck does tech say when he's spittin on "sumn like a pimp" when he uses all those words that start with s? It's really starting to irritate me that I can't figure it out lol. All I heard was systematic, super sumthin and it sounds like he threw in city slicker somewhere idfk haha.

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    Thank u...sounds close enough

    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Cold
    Did not check them but this is what I found.
    Started back in 1985
    7th grade I started lookin bitches in they eyes
    plant game off in they brain like how to get them on they backs now
    thanks to my uncle ike im puttin macks down
    ay, i get up in that , that sit up in that cat did up and then get blowed
    litterally livin in ladies and livin la vida loca la coka they lavisly get chose
    can a women get me up out of a system i see em sick em n systematically set up a stroll
    city slicker the sick of the secret pyscho set of sideral sayer of supernatural thinkin that she's so ho
    everywhere i go they show those
    T n A like everyday man thats my logo
    she lay me and drink my babies take my mojo
    in my mercedies backwards 80 chrome 4 door
    tech n9ne kc king
    paul hey he bling
    krizz kali may he sing
    till all of these bees brings cha-ching
    then its steak and shrimp
    noones exempt
    im a playa ho but sumn like a pimp

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