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Thread: Who do you think Strange should sign?

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    Who do you think Strange should sign?

    Key word for this thread is "REALISTICALLY". Meaning, don't fucking post shit like""Tech should sign Eminem!!"No, you moron. Realistically. Eminem is not at all a realistic post.Here is my list.1) Hopsin. I think everyone agrees. 2) Stevie Stone. I'm not a HUGE fan. But, he is talented. And, I think with Strange Music's help, Stone could do great work. Then again, he is a hit and miss type artist. 3) Prozak. It just needs to be done and made official. 4) Skatterman and Snug Brim. I realize this won't happen soon, but it could in the future. After Skatterman gets off his high horse.5) Kid Cudi. OK, maybe this is unrealistic. But, Cudi isn't anything special in the eyes of the mainstream. He is still fresh off the market, even though he has been around for years. I think his level of talent and ability would mix perfectly with the guys off Strange. This most likely will never happen, but if it ever did, I would jizz my pants.

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    Senior Member Greg's Avatar
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    I just posted this same thread like yesterday haha

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    just a tad bit late

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg
    I just posted this same thread like yesterday haha

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    Skat n Snug would be dope on Strange again, but they're not a group anymore and Hopsin would be sick.

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    i'd say charles hamilton but that nigga wouldn't fit in at all lmfao... but lyrically him and tech would murk murk MURK!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MosesP
    Joell Ortiz....

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    Hopsin, Stevie Stone, Slaughterhouse and/or its members

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    Andre Nickatina,Kobe bryant,Murs, Sick jacken from psycho realm,Necro....& this Guy Kuaesar from the 626 thats a tager and got sick flow......

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    Stevie Stone, Murs, Potluck, XV

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    randy travis

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