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Thread: Jay Rock?

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    Jay Rock?

    Jay Rock possibly coming to Strange Music? Could you imagine Kutty Cal and Jay on a collabo ? I just started listening to Jay Rock like 2 weeks ago and think hes wicked talented would be a nice edition to Strange

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    Uhhh, NAHHHHHHH Rock is madd boring, same shit on every track, same flow, same content.

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    I think I heard him on Papoose's "Get Laid The Fuck Out". He was straight.

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    i would like to see him on strange. tech says on his new interview with hiphopdx that they are really close on signing him.

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    i havent really herd a song i like from him. what are his best songs?

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    His best song is the ghetto featuring lil wayne... he's got talent real talk... go check out da video g melone is in it at da end...

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    Jay Rock is has been one of my favorite rappers for a minute when I saw he was on the Gates then on Independent Grind tour I was thinkin somethin had to be in the works. In that interview he said he even had Jay Rock open for him in LA and was impressed with his stage show n ta impress Tech with a stage performance is a good sign

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    Jay Rock has soooo many good hits but it all depends on your taste I guess... I mean some people will probably hate him but alot of people will like him...

    Check out some of his songs

    Victory Lap
    Lift me up
    All My Life - Ft Lil Wayne
    Dollars Make Sense - Ft Glasses Malone
    Successful Remix

    He has a big amount of remix songs on mixtapes such as Birthday Sex, Best I ever had, Successful so many good ones I cant list em. Who knows he has worked with Lil Wayne maybe hes one of the people that got Wayne interested in Tech not saying thats a fact but it might have just been one of the reasons.

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