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Thread: tech and dayton family

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    tech and dayton family

    this is one of the collabs i've always wanted... i know this thread comes up a lot but wouldn't that be the shit?? What's your "dream" collabo for tech?

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    Tech and Dayton Family would be straight but I hope he collabos with Chamillionaire and Young Buck. Young Buck said he was doin a collabo with Tech but I haven't heard anything since.

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    Tech and Buck would be hard, he is one of the few mainstream rappers I really like.

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    Tech and Dayton Family would be off tha hook...I remember when I met Bootleg at an after party...he spilled a secret bout doing some trax with Tech....but that was back in late 06...I hope he wasnt lying....That would be off tha chain with Buck...Buck was the best of G Unit and the best thing that ever happen to G Unit...50 is so fucken stupid for droppin his ass

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