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Thread: Interesting twitter update from StrangeMusicInc

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    Interesting twitter update from StrangeMusicInc

    in case you don't know Fridays are "Follow Fridays" (#FF) on Twitter, where you post who you think your twitter friends should follow. Every Friday Strange Music Inc. posts twitter links for all the artists on Strange, but today is different because JayRock is in that tweet. We know he's been in KC alot recently and recorded something for the OGMP. maybe a sign that Jay Rock will be signed??

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    Who is jayrock?

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    i had never heard of him until i heard he's on the OGMP

    Quote Originally Posted by techn9tion5592
    Who is jayrock?

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    Yea, me either dude.

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    jay rock go hard he a blood he gotta lotta raw shit, especially that blood nigga track

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    I'll prolly check him out. Would you like him on strange?

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    last i checked he was signed to top dawg ent and wanner i think....but idk about him being on strange hes cool and all but idk if hes right for strange.

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    i dont know anything about him. havent heard his any of his music either. just thought it was odd to be included in that tweet which is usually just SM artists

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    I've known Jay Rock for a long time now.
    Should Check out his singles "Jay Rock - Lift Me Up, Jay Rock f. Lil Wayne - All My Life (And all the remixes for this), and Jay Rock f. The Game - Follow Me Home."

    He's currently in TDE (Top Dawg Ent.) which he owns.

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    He owns it? Well I doubt that he will come to strange.

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