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Thread: when are you gonna do a track about RED and black it would be dope

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    when are you gonna do a track about RED and black it would be dope

    check my Facebook out PLEASE music is my life i would do any thing to make music id do it for free.that feeling you get when you put your favorite song the happiness the pain the feeling that you get can be quit strange. then the feeling you get when people are feeling every word, that's what i bring to music, I'm not in rush when i bust but yet i still cant be touched.some times i feel like i can just talk in rhymes not even trying.when i was a kid i wanted to be an inventor then i thought what can i invent that people can use every day......MUSIC, that was what i decided i wanted to be so when i was about 12 i picked up a pen and wrote a full page to crawling by linking park i knew right then and there i was different been writing off n on since. till i discovered TECH N9NE that's when my life also took a turn for the worst i lost my mom to meth then my little sister they just let it take over it blinded them. Thats when i flipped out and turned my sister in i lost my self in depression i was also suffering from a huge concussion i almost died i went through a recovery phase and didn't talk to no one for 4 months i did nothing but write i filled 5 note books and after that things started to settle in and came back. it was all good for a long time every thing was great i got a job made some money bought a ticket to the hostile take over tour at the phenoex theater in petaluma i waited for my VIP ticket every day by the mail box it came on a day in April then on april 30th the house i was staying at burned down every thing gone.I called that day mayday. funny thing is my music made it through the fire how does paper, make it through flames?the fire started in my room even. i still got every thing its just chard a i took every thing that ive been through and put it as that was just practice a new begging if you im homeless writing still its the only thing i got,im in Arkansas right now 295 miles away from strange music headquarters it feels weird knowing your that close, but still so far away....all i want to do is get in the lab. all night n all day. this wasn't supposed to go that far it started out as a song request, i guess that's what happens when i write i cant stop...........the kid

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    ouch man. c"mon there are to many people like you in the world chill with the antagonist shit.

    Quote Originally Posted by alex james diskin

    sure kid come on over and get opn your knees and suck thisblackcock

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    Better hope he sees this before he goes to europe i guess lol. and i feel for ya april 2nd i got in a car crash and my granpa died...10 days later my bro killed himself......but im curious. how in the hell you talkin on a computor? local library?

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    "linking park"

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    to the one will read...sorry i did not read post something shorter



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    so you burnt down your own house? How did the fire start in your room?

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    Black and Yellow Sucks!!!
    Post your music if you want me to make fun of it

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