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Thread: NFL Draft

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    NFL Draft

    did not see any thread fo it so here it iswht u thinkin first round ovaERIC BERRY TA KANSAS CITY BABY

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    ha alls good...good lookin....dont get on here too much ne way...

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    tim tebow for the broncos...idk....we now have 4 qbs....3 r young and havent proven themselves at all [tebow hasnt even playd a game yet obvioulsy] and the other one is Kyle Orton who has the potential to b a pretty good qb....but a super bowl qb?....i think were gnna have a few more 8 8 seasons

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    yea i kinda question that pick ....them movin up to get him

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    tebow fucking sucks!!!!!!! eric berry owns his ass!!!!!!!

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    how bout them TITANS!

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    Ya cause they both play QB?

    But the broncos r fuckin stupid how u gunna pass up dez Bryant for a scrub ass recievers from Georgia tech, then tebow... Hahaha glad Im not from Denver

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaydogg17
    tebow fucking sucks!!!!!!! eric berry owns his ass!!!!!!!

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