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Thread: The Adventures of Bobby Ray

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    The Adventures of Bobby Ray

    did that shit leak out yet? just askin, i actually like some of the songs in the album he sounds real good in my opinion.

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    every song ive heard so far is actually verygood and im not even into b.o.b but this album is a must cop from what ive heard,oh yeah i dont know if it leaked yet

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    yeah to be honest i thought people were gonna be hatin on here cuz b.o.b. sounds wayyyy different from tech n9ne and strange music lol

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    B.o.B. is sik
    he reminds me of outkast wit his flow alota
    n hes got some sik lyrics
    that song fuck the money wit asher roth is dope....n it pretty much proofs everything ive been sayin on here...but o well haha

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    word thanks dude

    Quote Originally Posted by Bizzaro

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    he's a new artist but he's really good

    Quote Originally Posted by STR@NG3 7-ONE-9
    u guys probably think imma dumbass but who the fuck is bobby ray

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    i know whwere im going tuesday

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