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Thread: Tech N9ne Interview w/ HoodHype (Preview)

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    Tech N9ne Interview w/ HoodHype (Preview)

    Whats up y'all,

    we just had an interview with Tech last week, we ran a segment of that interview in the latest episode of our show HoodHype. We will be posting the entire 1 hour interview in 4 parts VERY soon!!! Make sure you check back for it. Tech was one of our favorite interviews of all time on the show...

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    damn dat shit was dope...put da rest up alredy!!

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    bout 2 give it a listen. Tech always has good interviews. He doesn't just give yes or no answers.

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    Hell yeah!! That was a good interview but they need to post the rest of it. I wanna hear it

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    fuck yeah. thanks broseph

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    Mayo on fries ?? thats not fuckin Canadian, thats staight up european. Get your shit right Americans. lol Some of the greatest artist and funniest mothafuckaz come out of Canada. Marco Polo for example, sickest underground producer there is

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    About to listen to it while it loads. Tech is gettin mad exposure which is the shit.

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    hell yea. TECH N9NE!!!!

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    these guys are talking to much shit lmao

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