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Thread: first show

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    first show

    im going to my first tech show next month in renoim stoked as fuck
    what do i have to exspect?
    is it as crazy and energetic as his mp3 music?

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    use the search bar and read the many posts about this.

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    in reno prosties a few crack head strippers drunk people every where ohh wait never mind thats vegas the cd and stage show do not even compare

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    Expect one of the best concerts ever and blunt smoke in the pit. Seriously though, Strange Days tour is probably going to be the best tour ever by Strange imo.

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    it'll be the best show you've ever seen quite possibly. lots of energy, everybody there is as pumped as you are. you're gonna have a blast

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    Tech was my first show ever and it was the best experience i've ever had in my entire life.

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    if your a wont b after....hahahahahahahahaha
    thats how fucking GREAT his concerts r

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    a tech show is like none other, it gets pretty fucking insane and ur guna love every minute of it

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