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Thread: Cognito "Automatic" = TRASH!!!

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    Cognito "Automatic" = TRASH!!!

    Strange Music REALLY missed with signing Cognito. I was anticipating this album only because it was a Strange Music release. I had never heard anything about Cognito until the news that he was signed and I figured that Strange has done an incredible job recognizing talent from Tech, Krizz, and Kutt to Brotha Lynch, Skatterman & Snug Brim. I was SORELY disappointed with this album and after 5 tracks of the most childish rhymes and content I litterally ejected the cd, put it back in it's case and threw it out my car window, making sure to run it over. I think I heard "Music" rhymed with "abusin'" and "usin'" 12 times before I reached the 5th track on the ablum. "Born to be fly" set me over the edge and was ultimately the reason why I hated the 5 tracks that I heard. Cognito will probably sell about 2,000 copies to people like me, who thought that because he was signed to Strange that he might actualy have talent. Once again, I will remind you that I was WRONG WRONG WRONG with my assumption. DO NOT waste your money. DO NOT even waste your time and/or space on your hard drive by downloading this garbage. If you agree or disagree I would like to hear some opinions on this.

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    Fuck You

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    im sure you actually threw it out your window. nice try

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    <p ="text-align: left;">
    <p ="text-align: left;">

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    The album is sick in my opinion, born 2 be fly is badass, violated, pain, stranger, pill poppin, hip hop are sick too.

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    Me be me is cool, but its from a previous album so its not that great. Couldve came up with something new, but fuck it.

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    do u not get enough attention at home

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    Actually Cognito is the best artist Ive ever seen Tech sign, I could not believe how sick this actually came out, Do u seriously think his rhymes were childish? Dude, hes rappin about pill addictions, his pain, his daughters, ect... He's actually funny, And sounds alot like Eminem, I can honestly say Cog is my second favorite white rapper... Which is pretty bomb because I never thought I would have one.

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    fuck you

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    dudes entitled to his opinion, some of you swing from nuts too hard

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