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Thread: Hey yo forreal though

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    Hey yo forreal though

    big scoob killed that stranger track hahahahaha

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    Scoob is a beast. Can't wait to hear "damn fool" I wish it was comin in 2010 tho.

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    Senior Member ShivenDesai's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    Scoob is the shit. I don't know why many people don't like Monsterifik, but it's a dope album.

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    Senior Member GripTippzy's Avatar
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    Hell yeah man I think that's the best verse from Big Scoob yet. That beat is fuck'n insane though.

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    Senior Member b-rock's Avatar
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    I was suprised with Scoobs verse. It is one of the best Ive heard from him. Also who thought he would mention juggalos and rockin and moshin at Strange Noize. lol

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    Big Scoob did kill that shit, I did a double take for a second

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    yea scoob is a monster cog still lame generic rap

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    Scoob was a beast on that track. It was wierd to hear Loki on and not to hear him on Dinner and A Movie. I dont think him and Lynch are cool anymore over Lokis situation with X raided

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    I'm not a fan

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    Cognito has twice the talent as Scoob.

    Quote Originally Posted by richard roy isaacson III
    yea scoob is a monster cog still lame generic rap

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