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Thread: just an idea..

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    just an idea..

    tech should record some music to release down the road a couple i know he is super busy and always putting out the music that he does record. but i think instead of doing ebah and boiling point, he should have recorded some crazy dope shit that he wants to speak on, but wants to wait 5 or 8 years down the road.or maybe instead of doing all of the *bonus* songs that he does, he should record some crazy shit to release as he is done making music..or after he is done making music

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    I'm pretty sure he's got plenty of unreleased material for that.

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    listen to "last words" from Killer..thats what i want..that is what he should be working for..a big bang at the end of his career, not a slow dark death

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    i just hope he has more in the vault to release..i feel like everything he records..he ends up releasing 4 months later..give the man a break.

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    Give the dude a break jesus. Let him take advice from you right?? I bet you know what's best..Selfish bastard. Enjoy the music he releases and Shut The MothaFuck Up!!

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