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    I hope he's on the OGMP. He is badass and I like him spittin fast on "born 2 be fly." He kills the verses on depression too, but I don't really like the hook. Pain, stranger, and violated are sick too. Overall this album is sick. Yall think he can spit sick too?

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    agreed man from what ive heard on youtube its fuckin fire, but you think you could put the rest of the songs n shit on youtube or sumthin like that, im gonna buy the album i just dont have the money right now and i've been dyin to here the rest of it

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    I'm on my phone right now, but if I get a chance to a PC I'll do it for you bro. Sorry man.

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    sall good homie thats good enough news fa me lol thanks again bre

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    Cog said hes been doing stuff for the OGMP, so he will probably be on the album

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    Aight dude, just know that is straight fire. Born 2 be fly is hella sick nig.

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    Ah hell yea then bro. Thanks cole.

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