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Thread: Official Boxing Thread

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    Official Boxing Thread

    For Fan's Of Boxing

    Post Your Favourite Fighter/ Fight Video's Up

    Friendly Discussion's And Friendly Critisisom

    About The Sport

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    My Favourite Boxer Not Just because i am an Aussie but because me an my brother saw his first fight when Danny Green was just 20 he's 37 now with a very impresive record and he has never been knocked out.

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    sweeeeet. lets go Mosley, KO Mayweathers punk ass.

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    im an islander so pakeua or how ever u spell the damn flips name damn good boxer im more in mma bj penn all day

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    What did you guys think of Roy Jone's Jr hiting the deck so fast? just a question

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    Lennox Lewis knockn out Tyson

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    Thats a prety epic fight just go's to show its all about stamina realy

    Quote Originally Posted by Sioux NDN
    Lennox Lewis knockn out Tyson

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