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Thread: Cognito Automatic (Reviews)

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    Cognito Automatic (Reviews)

    Thought id make a review page for anyone that dident wanna listen to the album until 4-20.

    Heres my 2 cents. This is all my opinion so dont start writing haten shit.

    1.) Intro (Skit) - Go's into the first song (No stars for skits)

    2.) Im Goin Crazy - Good, but the hook sounds like eminem shit (4 Stars)

    3.) Outcast - You all heard it (4 Stars)

    4.) Hip-Hop - Tech N9ne starts it off into the hook of the song, They talk about how they missed hip hop and the way it was. (4 Stars)

    5.) Pill Poppin Music - A intro of a man talking and then it goes into a beat that makes me picture a man doing a beat box dance. (4 Stars)

    6.) Seven School Sins - Dident like it so dont really listen to it. But to be fair (3 stars)

    7.) Violated - I loved the song, kinda sounds a like a song you'd hear in the club. The hook is great with krizz kaliko in my opinion. (5 Stars)

    8.) The Joey Rosano Show # 1 (Skit) - A man talking about how much he hates strange. (No stars for skits)

    9.) Born 2 Be Fly - Your gonna have to listen to it. (4 Stars)

    10.) Im So High Part 2 - Good beat, Good Flow, Good Hook (4 Stars)

    11.) Depression - You all heard the snip (3 Stars)

    12.) Pain - A calming , relaxing wonderful beat in my opinion. (5 Stars for various reasons)

    13.) The Joey Rosano Show #2 (Skit) - Talking about Strange Music ( No stars for skits)

    14.) I Live Life - Beats pretty good (3 Stars)

    15.) Hollywood - Your gonna have to listen to it. I liked the uniqueness in it. (4.5 Stars)

    16.) Me Be Me - Dident like it so dont really listen to it, But again to be fair (3 Stars)

    17.) Stranger - You'll have to listen to it (5 Stars)

    All in all its a great album, i rated pretty strict so the albums proble better then what i put.

    I thought id keep the information at a minimum

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    It's a bad ass album on the real. Can't wait for the actual copy on Monday to get here.

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    damn cant wait to bump this shit i hope i get mine on the 19th that would be nice

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    why the fuck are all these topics, there is already at least 5 different ones. Stop making stupid shit like this. Post in the other topics.

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    fuck yea this cd is dope!!!

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    This album is tight!!! I like that is very deep and personal in spots, and in others he goes off, showcasing his flow and lyrical skill. A variaty of songs. Features are on point, and not over done, and the beats are dope. Good production overall. It is my of music!! He is not trying to do too much with this album, he is just being REAL!!! Cognito has really grown on me since he first signed w strange, as a person, and as an artist.Shane, your ratings are fairly accurate, i had a few higher scores than what you did, but you were pretty fair overall. I rate the album as a whole, as of rite now after just a few listens...4.5/5. Cant wait to get my copy monday in the mail!!!
    1.) Intro (skit)
    2.) Im Goin Crazy- (4/5)
    3.) Outcast- (4/5)
    4.) Hip-Hop- (5/5)
    5.) Pill Poppin Music-(4/5)
    6.) Seven School Sins - (3.5/5)
    7.) Violated- (5/5)
    8.) The Joey Rosano Show # 1 (Skit)
    9.) Born 2 Be Fly - (4.5/5)
    10.) Im So High Part 2- (4/5)
    11.) Depression - (4.5/5)
    12.) Pain - (5/5)
    13.) The Joey Rosano Show #2 (Skit)
    14.) I Live Life- (4/5)
    15.) Hollywood - (4.5/5)
    16.) Me Be Me - 3.5/5
    17.) Stranger - 5/5

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    the hook on stranger sounds straight evil. i love it

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    Its not dick riding you tard. All i did was make a review that could be decent to everyone. If you dont like it then why waste your time to type down negative shit, just leave the post. But i should of figured someone would talk bad about this post or any post i make or anyone makes. This is a Tech N9ne website after all.

    PS what responses do you think your gonna see, this is pretty much a stange music fan website.

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    Strange Music did it again, cognito' s a beast on the mic, great production
    Love this cd

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    cognito, automatic is great, fuck the haters

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