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Thread: Can't find The Jokerr's newest albums to download...

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    Can't find The Jokerr's newest albums to download...

    I refuse to purchase and support him due to his douchebaggery but he has a few good songs

    So I figured I'd ask some people on here.

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    i Downloaded "Trail Of Destruction" and I have the official hard copy of "Welcome To The Show". i can put up a download for TOD and i can convert WTTS too and put em up for DL if you want

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    Yeah man go fuck yourself you stupid mother fucker FUCK YOU!!! Lol jk

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    "The Jokerr is a talented dude but he's wasted his time with trying to one up cats like Grewsum and pretend he's not a complete bite of Tech N9ne and ICP so no one really gives a shit in the end if he exists or not. He could quit tomorrow and no one would care. That could be said about a lot of us, but if the kid would just focus his skills on making bigger moves instead of crying about Hopsin or Grewsum or trolling in general, he could be something."

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