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Thread: Wanna Battle?

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    Wanna Battle?

    as many bars as you wanna spit. Imma kick it off and I'm about to flip the script.

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    call out pocket change

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    Call me Skitz the producer with the hitz/Beats bang so hard you would think they was my fist.
    lyrically inclined God designed me to be a gift/. But He also made me so all you rappers could get ripped
    A new asshole/ muthafuckas I'm past swoll/Think you gettin paid? around me, don't pass GO./
    my flow so cold/ a horrific vato/ point in case i'm chasin these pesos and gettin gato./
    not your every day average muchacho. No Hablo Espanol pequeno gringo CHAZZO/
    If you don't know like Jigga ask about me./ Get on the mic and imma smash you if you doubt me/
    Get on the stage and imma answer to the crowds needs./ Give em what they want like the N9ne himself produced the show/
    Just wait until we blow, we gonna run the industry./ when I say we, I mean my nigga Iyse and me.
    You ain't never heard of AK? Dog, it's the new movement. I'm tellin you one day they gon' be bigger than strange music.

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    you couldnt spit half a verse, if this was a robbery id be snatchin your purse pop a couple shots put you up in a hurse, but it could be alot worst, i could cast on you a curse. kill ya again and again, take your bitch and than bend, leave ya worsthless and unable to defend, chase you to hell as you descend

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    Skitzo i'm aiming my missle at the middle of your head and like Ringo i'll kill foes

    Imma fire this pistol too, harder then Fred Flinkstons town, get crunched like pringles

    By my mental that'll rip holes in your rental my symbol and roll you guys little

    Scram like geckos in home so I can let go my grip hold on trig. dont try him so

    Cold, I might go on own alone but a baffoon would only pull on his own on my kin so

    No, attempts be smart, know once its told no strikes be bestowed, just find windows

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    you guys are all embarrassing.

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    back. from hell wit a couple souviniers/ bmacb we killin it takin over like pioneers. a copule beers whats a brew r two? long as im wit peers i could give a fuck less about the rest of u queers. my flows been mastered i cause havoc n wreak straight disaster. put my mentality wit a beat that slams. can u imagine? bonecrushin head lumpin lyrics that'll slaughter u. call me royce da 5 my whole crew rap even my daughter fool. no bullshit she 3 n kno blunt blowin word for word. now ask me if im a psycho n ill answer u wit the the bird....


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    ill piss on you, and if you got a girl, ill piss on her too

    I'm R. Kelly at this shit, king of the pissing crew


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    cue eminems battle from 8 mile

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    forum boss

    delorean cross

    how i floss


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