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    Ok, we are different people in here with different likes and dislikes and certain intrests, but the one thing we all have in common here is the love and support of argueably one of the best rapperes if not thee best rapper of all time, TECH N9NE.

    We all know that Tech as a person is very different from that of the "common rapper" and his content of music is just as much. But he is one of those musicians who alot of people can relate to in different ways for different reasons, wether you relate to him by religeous beliefs, female issues, family issues, partying, his unique appearance, etc..

    what about the man and his music do you find appealing ? what brings you to his music that makes you feel him ?

    for me personally, i started liking him because he was different in and appearance, as i was in my younger day, i always liked dressing just a lil bit different then the rest but still looked good, lol...then i as i got older and his music changed, the one thing that got to me the most was the religeous part of it. same way he grew up in a christian home, so did i. wasnt exactly the same, but still i went astray just as he did, and although he lives a sinfull life, he still believes and prays in jesus name (he just said so himself in a recent canadian interview), but alot of religeous struggles he had was understandable since i was goin through alot of them myself. his music is real and i had the honor of meeting and talking to the man once in '06 and i gotta say the man is genuinaly a good hearted hard working man and i respect the hell out of him and what he does.

    whats your story ?

    (o ya, i dont know how this topic ended up in "news", i just clicked on "add discussion" on main pg., hope nobody gets all butt hurt about it !)

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    I Respect his skills. Before I heard Tech it had been like 8 years of not hearing a single rapper that I liked....then I heard Anghellic and got my wig split.

    I feel tech. I love when he spills the beans about his own life and puts his heart out there for us to bump to.
    I love the Dark shit the most because my life is filled with darkness.
    I love the Angry shit because I am brimming with Anger.
    I also love Techs other shit too, he makes me enjoy shit that I normally Hate.
    Tech N9ne. The Real Presidential MC.

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    i started listening to tech a lot in 2004 when my dad passed away, i started abusing pills and i connected with techs lyrics, and it gave me an outlet for my emotions. and obviously its not like its hard to listen to tech tracks, every beat is crazy and he puts his heart into every verse, so it wasnt a pain to listen to him lol

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    well i started listening to tech about maybe 2 years ago cuz my man introduced him to me... at first i was like wtf are you listeing to, but then i started to pay real close attention to his lyrics and i was shocked. like dam man this guy goes through a lot of crazy shyt.. and little things and parts from his songs i can relate to... it is kinda hard to relate to a guy tho.. haha
    idk i like the way he pours his life and feelings out the way he does.. idk i try gettin people to listen to him but they dont pay close attention to the lyrics, tha shyt bothers me cuz they start say hes a devil worhipper and to dark and all...

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    i feel all the songs that have to do with being under estimated and stuff like that. just because I think alot of people under estimate me. like red nose, and others like that

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    i started listening to Tech when Everready dropped and my friend showed me caribou lou and after i heard the hook and first verse i was like damn this song is dope. i went home and looked up the rest of his music and discovered his dark side and his experience with women and every thing. it pulled me in. i dont fit in myself so i feel Tech when he spills about being outside the industry and people thinkin hes crazy and shit. its nice to hear somebody else talk about it. like hes speaking for me. on KOD's Show Me A God how its about his momma being sick i know how it feels watching a loved one suffer having lost my dad to cancer. and how can you ignore the way he tells it. Tech rips the mic so hard and his beats are sick. hes so talented and his music hits hard on difficult subjects. for many its like a vent and its the same for me. Tech N9ne has the light shit and the dark shit all put together. thats why hes my favorite rapper

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    wow, some interesting responses.

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