its the techinator come with me if u want to live/ been doing this along time still got a lot to give/ i am the greatest and that aint no fib / word play is ill when it comes to nouns verbs and adgetives/ cry babys step back take a nap inside ur crib / to all u wack mcs hasta la veesta / get out the game we dont need ya / outside flesh underneath machine / eyes got the glow of a infared beam / me and my team / be so supreme/ the main scheme / is to the get this green /in this game its the killa clownin / at the top spot so foes be frownin / got chips stackin high as mountains / we be buyin shit while u be browsin / nothing can stop us not even the t-1000 / so call me arnold swartzanigga/ in this game im killin off all sorts of niggas/ but not with the trigger/ but with the flow i deliver