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Thread: Grewsum

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    does anyone have his discography i can DL?

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    Grewsum would be great on strange music!

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    i heard that he does everything free is this true?

    if so then this mother fucker has some skill... i got one of his cd's and then his record labels prone world vol 1 and both cd's are tight as fuck and grewsum ALWAYS kills the track, him and LoKey

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    I saw Grew in Davenport in like 2004 before Donnie Darkflow came out.
    Great lyricist and a great performer.
    Strange all the fucking way.

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    there is a my world remix with grewsome and lokey instead od delima its fresh as fuck

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    jus check out his website believe its jus got all his shit on there u can cop em 2...this dude go hard

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