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Thread: well, i emailed penny..

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    well, i emailed penny..

    And even though it charged me twice she said they had no orders from me so I'm not getting my copy of the lost scripts..

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    Lmmfao.... Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I shouldn't be laughing, but dammit that sucks so bad, it's hilarious! Sucks to be you *while holding his signed copy of The Lost Scripts of K.O.D.*

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    Uhh.. I was just sayin cuz yesterday alyssa gave me pennys email address and it fuckin sucks...

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    that sucks, cant they look back and see that they charged ya?

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    that sucks

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    What a dickhead. And idk if they can or not. She hast emailed me back since she told me they didn't have an order from me.

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    you get your monthly statement right ?

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    idk what will happen man.. I'm pretty pissed tho. I went to my p.o. Box everyday to see if it came and I did that shit for nothing. I hope they can do something about it..

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    Do you mean like a statement for the card? Cuz the card I used was a prepaid visa debit card.

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