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Thread: Travis O'Guin Interview with HiphopDX

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    Travis O'Guin Interview with HiphopDX
    Didn't see it on the first page or anything. Lynch twittered this cause alotta people were saying how they couldn't find his album any where. So yeah, check this shit out. It's a good read.

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    great find

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    haha thanks buddy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Everreadyt9
    great find

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    Trav is smart fuckin man! that was a hella good interview trav made a lot of sense i can see how strange music is on the top of the indie charts for real..

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    Good read. Theyve been doin alot of shit on strange lately. I think ive come across 2 articles. Hmm maybe it was something else I found interesting which normally is strange music. Yeah travis is a damn good business dude. He shouldve but that 1.6 to promote and tour. But hey, theyre doin alright. Didnt know they had that much money

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    damn that was one of the best interviews ive ever read, no lie

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    the album i could find closest to that 70,000 was snoops malice in wonderland with 59,000

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    ha i know right. i think Trav is a lot smarter than people give him credit for. Lol. i mean shit, he was smart enough to figure out how much talent Tech had...and go in to business with him. the record execs who let Tech go in the first place, are probably now punchin them selves in the ball sack. I know i would be Lol.

    it's jus funny, cause that Dr Dre/Jimmy Ivene interview Jackie posted earlier..kinda talks about this. How much the digital world is influencing music now a days. personally, that upsets me. i would much rather have the physical copy of the album..then to buy it off itunes. granted Itunes is usually cheaper..but with independent artists them more support.

    the other thing that this interview and the dre/ivene interview have in common, was the fact that now a days..people can sample an entire album before they buy it. so artists have to try a hell of a lot more to make good music. this doesn't really pertain to Strange cause they almost never dissapoint me with content...but I know I was pissed when I bought Plies' (yes, plies Lol) first CD. i liked "shawty" a lot i'm not gonna lie. so i went out, bought the album. started listening to it and was, this album sucks ass. Lol. so yeah, hopefully artists start realizing they need to make the entire album good or shit just won't fly off the shelves like they used to cause now we can jus download the fuckin album for nothing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole Payan [AVCP333
    ]damn that was one of the best interviews ive ever read, no lie

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    that shipped 700,000 and did less than 75,000 units its first week.
    50 cent n interscope...sum1 put this as a comment on da page.

    Quote Originally Posted by Casey Douglas
    the album i could find closest to that 70,000 was snoops malice in wonderland with 59,000

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    That was a pretty damn good interview. Thanks for the link. Trav is a fuckin' boss man, I tell you what. He knows what the fuck is up and he's not god damn stupid either.

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