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Thread: need help!!!

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    need help!!!

    ok just got my daam and lost scripts preorder. thing is i also ordered the new black strange music beanie that is no longer online at the store they now only have the red one. on my recipt it says i ordered it but it wasnt in my package. how should i go about getting it???

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    If it's anything similar to how the big sales were, you're probably not getting it. A bunch of stuff I ordered was sold out but didn't say so on the site, so when my shit came in, I didn't get half of my order. You'll get a refund if it's out of stock...

    And I'll use this as an opportunity to state again that the Strange Music webstore needs to be revamped. That shit is outdated and a pain in the ass, for me at least. Let's do somethin' about it.

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    Why cant people work shit out for themselves?

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