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Thread: "Pain killer" does anyone else......

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    "Pain killer" does anyone else......

    Hey does anyone recognize the chorus of pain killer??? it sounds like some oldies song, obviously different lyrics but it sounds soooo familiar to me. I just cant figure out what it is. anyone else notice this????

    also at the very end of stress relief tech says something backwards, its just one line. curious if anyone knows what he says?? i think he just says "come on and sing it with me" but plays it backwards, not completely sure tho

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    Quote Originally Posted by STR@NG3 7-ONE-9
    u shouldnt have started this thread under news bro 1 of these peckerfaces is gonna end up bitchin @ u about it

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    Idk about the backwards part at the end but the chorus sounds like "save yourself" from vintage tech to me.

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    i saw someone tryin to interpret the chorus and i belive they failed horribly at it here what i got

    you can't give me medical attention to ease my pain
    sometimes i feel helpless and something to relieve my brain
    you may love your md
    but he has none instore for me
    so when the raining pours on me my dream for fillers pain killers. <---- thats the portion i thoght was just gay in the other thread whoever posted it first put something along the lines of when the rainy pours on me ..... my dream for fillers and killers wtf "bad interpretation".

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