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Thread: good songs by prozak??

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    good songs by prozak??

    im tryin to get some good shit from strange and i dont have much prozak and i like that nigga, so anyone have any good suggestions?

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    "fun n' games"
    "keep grindin"
    "it was you"
    "living in the fog"
    and "under the rain"
    if you don't already have the album they're all on "tales from the sick"

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    Also, Livin In The Fog, Scapegoat, Crossing Over, & Fading ft Kaliko are his best IMO.

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    Keep Grindin goes hard

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    Tales from the sick except for like 2 songs I don't like. Project deadman is a great cd.

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    Dude. Keep grindin is sick, and under the rain is sick too. Thabks for tha suggestions yall.

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    scapegoat thats all i gotta say

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    not a prozak fan but i love this song. probably because of the sample

    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Cold
    Fucking love this song. Its twisted as fuck.

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