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Thread: How many of yall seen the movie Blindside

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    Senior Member E.Wills's Avatar
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    Apr 2009

    How many of yall seen the movie Blindside

    I know this movie is old but I just barely seen it today lol, It was one of the best movies I seen in a long time.

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    Oct 2008
    dude i just watched Boogie Nights for the first time yesterday, that movie is old, it was fucking awesome.

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    Senior Member CJsiccness's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    are u serious boogie nights? how old are u 12? that aint that old or maybe im just the one thats old, anyways that movie sucks

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    Jun 2009
    i saw it in theaters. now look, i'm a softy, i'm not gon front... soo... i bout cried eleventy billion times in that flick but thankfully they were funny right after. all around good movie!!

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    I've had it on dvd for months

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    i would give sandra bullock a deep purple butt hickey

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    Boogie nights is epic. Marky mark is so fine ;o

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    blindside ain't jus came out on dvd

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    Blindside was definitely a great movie

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    Blindside is the shit it definitely ranks up in the top 4 the best football movies

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