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Thread: Job Hunting......

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    Job Hunting......

    All imma say on this one is loosing your job is fuckin redicilous!!!! out here in cali their aint shit and fuckin immagrants are takin all the jobs!!!!! BULLSHIT!!!! thats all im sayin on that....anyone conqure?

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    Senior Member CJsiccness's Avatar
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    Fucc ya itz da same shit here in the D.

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    yea its fuckin redicilous its like get the fuck on u kno???

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    Senior Member Mike Howard's Avatar
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    cuz we so close to mexico out here

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    yea i kno fuckin obama needs to put walls up around dis bitch!!!!! or make an army run by tech and da R.D.V!!!!! hahahahaha

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    Senior Member MrEst.'s Avatar
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    This is a problem with the economy not with the mexicans , everyone is strugglin right now , but just cuz you got fired
    you are barley noticin the situation.

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    not where i live im in the land of milk & honey lots of yankees up here tho for work!

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    yay for college education lol

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    yea, i kinda wish id gone to college now..... not for a job so much but just for the fuck of it

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole Payan [AVCP333
    ]yay for college education lol

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    Senior Member Blizzum's Avatar
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    typical...white boy losses job...blames mexicans

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