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Thread: anyone that lives in texas get their copy of the lost scripts yet?

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    anyone that lives in texas get their copy of the lost scripts yet?

    I live in levelland texas and I haven't got mine yet, and I was jus wondering if that was why. Like it was takin a while to get here from KCMO. Let me know wassup.

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    i got mine yesterday. i live in minnesota

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    Haha ok..

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    Hahaha! I didn't mean to be a dick. Just tellin ya. I didn't think i would get mine til a couple days after. Pretty sweet

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    Nah, its straight fool, you weren't bein a dick or anything, and yea that is badass you got your shit.already. I jus hope I get mine soon!!

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    Fuck yeah dude! I've listened to it so much already. It hard to pick a favorite song. They're all bomb as fuck!

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    I've listened to them on youtube, and I like last sad song, but double 0 n9na is beast as hell too! He kills that shit. So its between those two for me.

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    Hey, we got the same pic on here too my nig. Lol, I'm sure noticed that already tho.

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    Hahahaha! Yeah man. lol.

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    Aint nobody even from texas replyin to this shit!!??!! Surely I'm not the ONLY one from texas that preordered it!

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