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Thread: Last Sad Song Lyrics!

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    Last Sad Song Lyrics!

    well since im sure Last Sad Song is gonna be a hit for the ages, i quickly put down some lyrics. this song is really deep, and everyone needs to know what hes trying to say, so i did my best.
    in no way are these 100% im sure, but i went thru the song ALOT, and this is what i came out with:

    yall know my mothas sickness
    yall know im breakin down
    yall know in my circle
    that the devil steady makin rounds

    yall know im missin my children
    because im shakin towns
    and yall love my music
    and how sad i can make it sound

    im in the darkness so low
    im under the carpet
    whom ever wants me to park it
    you mother fuckers is heartless

    you want me stuck with hardships
    want a unhappy artist
    but ima break apart from this kod shit reguardless

    of whos mad
    lota my shit is too sad
    like the death of micheal jackson
    muh fucker whos bad

    to jump up right out of my self
    this shits a fight on my health
    but darkness is sellin
    but i really wanna put yall some lite on the shelf

    would ya still be
    able to feel me
    even if im not talkin about
    tryin to kill me

    the king of darkness
    can no long conceal me
    this could be my last sad song
    hopein it will be


    i want some caribou lou
    i wanna see areolas
    chicks on my shouldas
    instead of boo hoo

    like a set im too thru
    with me spreadin blue spew
    all i wanna hear is my people say
    tech go head and do you

    yall love my pain
    and i was glad to give it
    but most of the people who loved it
    never really had to live it

    now they mad and livid
    i dont want any sad to visit
    my music thinkin about to lose it
    so they bash and diss it

    before they even hear
    what i got comin this year
    im gonna be that lit spear
    lets get some of this shit clear

    i aint switchin to mainstream
    only what is happenin
    u watchin the mainstream go me

    so watch me bloom
    out of this blackend cacoon
    cuz if i go back into gloom
    im just askin for doom

    man im just rappin to whom
    that keep attackin my tunes
    i dont wanna be malencoly
    till i put my ass in a tomb


    only time can dictate
    if ill get straight
    but im reachin for the light
    as of this date

    i love KOD
    but i think i made a mistake
    by lettin negative energy in me
    now im misplaced

    i lost somethin along the way
    my momma taught me bad things are wrong to say
    still i conjoured up an album of songs to play
    for the dark and alot of my love ones are gone today (damn)

    im at a crossroads
    im tryin to go into the light like caralan
    there i stand
    still a lost soul

    on this subject
    i will not talk low
    im ready to dangle this darkness at the top of the catacombs
    and toss those

    but will you still be with me
    or just kill me quickly
    away with the darkness
    but i promise the flow will still be sickly

    i am the king
    and always have the throne
    but i hope and prey for a brighter day
    i hope this is my last sad song


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    OF whos mad

    LETS GET some of this shit clear

    THAT keep attackin my tunes

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    edited, thx

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    good song man hit for sure

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    where's the lyrics for the chorus?

    "Don't you pitty me no no, just pray
    for me,
    that this'll be the Last Sad Song I have
    to sing
    and only time will tell if you'll stand here
    with me
    and this'll be the Last Sad Song I have
    to sing"

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    song gives me goosebumps

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    so does painkiller

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