If somebody or anybody reads this that can relay the message to Tech or TOG please do so! I feel that Jacksonville, NC is a good pipeline for the disease of Stange Music too keep spreading because, you have Marines that are from all over America and one good show for them too see and they will take Tech home with them, I know i did. I have people from ages 3 to 60 back home that only listen too Strange Music. The KMK's did a live show here for there first time back in 08 and the crowd was very weak, so i offer that if Tech comes out i will do all the Public Relations too fill a place for FREE! I love strange music and i havent had a chance too see Tech N9ne live because i just spent 3 years of my life in Iraq for Nothin! I hate too sound like a beggin bitch but please atleast come somewhere close, i got that niggas broke these days disease but i still try to party like ma fucka broke as a joke! haha