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Thread: Jus another up an comin rapper, no tricks to try and get you to check my shit out aha

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    Jus another up an comin rapper, no tricks to try and get you to check my shit out aha

    yeah tell me what you think. This is only a few of many many many tracks of mine.

    Idk you might remember me from the opening verse of Youtube Choppers with VBL and all them guys.

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    damn my bad had the links wrong. Can anybody please tell me how to get the damn video to be on this page and not justa link to it? I can never figure it out everybody else does it and i cant! Ive put the link right into the video and ive also just attached the link and shit but it never works, it just puts the links.

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    There ya go mayne

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    well thaanx haha but how do i do that myself? i appreciate it man

    Quote Originally Posted by Nunya Biznazz

    There ya go mayne

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    click the third icon from the left "media" and enter the embed code from the youtube video you wanna post in the box, click "ok" and you're good

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    i keo doing it but it just puts a link idk why :/

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    Are u using the embed or the link? The embed should be a long line of text

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    Should look like this:

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    how do i get the embed? sorry i aint tryin ta be difficult and i appreciate you helpin me figur this out haha

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