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Thread: Mr. Wrestlemania!!!

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    Mr. Wrestlemania!!!

    For me, tonight was one of the sadest nights in wrestling. cuz one of the greatest, if not the greatest, wrestlers of all time called it quits. I'm talkin about the showstopper, the icon, the main event, mr. wrestlemania, The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels! watching his farewell speech made me realize that he is serious this time about hangin it up. i didn't think i'd see it happen this soon but he had an amazing 25 year career and it was always a pleasure to watch him. i saw him wrestle live 7 times and met him twice. he was one of the nicest celebrities i've ever met. i just wanted to say that Shawn Michaels will be greatly missed inside the ring!

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    He quit, that sucks. I haven't followed wrestling for like 6 years, but he was a legend.

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    I havent been keeping up with WWE in a while now, but wrestlers seem to have a thing for, not letting go. I mean, look at Ric Flair and Hogan. Flair supposedly had his last match with Shawn Michaels, and he's back wrestling on TNA now.
    Mick Foley stopped wrestling for years after making a promise to his fam he would give it up. He started back with TNA and became the TNA champ for a bit. Heck even Undertaker was ready to call it quits years ago, but got rid of that American Bad Ass beer gut and came back as the Dead Man to reign over all again. Because of all that.....
    I don't think this is the end of Shawn Michaels.

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    wrestling is fake watch some football or ufc. real man shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWorst
    wrestling is fake watch some football or ufc. real man shit.

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    he'll be on tna in a couple weeks

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    yea, it was a sad ass night but at least Cena got his title back...

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    I aint watched wrestling in a long time just kinda lost intrest but couple of my boys ordered wrestlemania so i figured fuck it Sunday nite nuthin to do why not its free and all I can say is no wonder I quit watchin the shit it was just sad i know the network cracked down on them but damn it they basically took the cool shit out.I mean they cant even smack each other in the head with them fuckin chairs no more WTF!

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    He said he was going to take some long time off, for his kids and family. He might be back, but if he does, it won't be for a pretty long time.

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    ( not a wrestling fan ) it's a work. he'll be back

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