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Thread: My Album Is Coming Out I want To Know Your Opinion on Some Songs

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    My Album Is Coming Out I want To Know Your Opinion on Some Songs

    Hey whats up , my name is ill 1 , illie uno, illie the kid and im set to release my album Undipsuted June 4th in Moses Lake, WA, June 18th in Spokane, WA and also in Wenatchee in August..Its a triple city release party . Everyone on the camp is from one of these 3 places so shout out tothe 509, if your in these areas come check out the shows, it will be epic but these are a couple songs off the album and i would really like to know your opinions. Listen post comment feedback negative or positive i love to hear feedback from fans of music. I keep my ear to what you all are saying and I would like to know whats your thoughts anyways hit me up and also check out more of the material at

    1. Oh Shit! F/ 3 Kingz and Eazy Game --im on the 1st verse a group called 3 kingz is on the 2nd and half of the 3rd and Eazy Game finishes up the 3rd verse

    2. Addicted is a solo track about addiction

    3. Put Em Up is another solo track just an in your face type of track to bump in the car

    Again I would appreciate as much feedback as you can give thanks for the support and keep on keeping on

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    Oh Shit! - didnt really feel it
    Grounded - best of the three
    Put Em Up - kinda generic, but still pretty good. kinda has that bay area hyphy movement feel.

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